September 17, 2019



Commentary for September 17, 2019:

Caroleís Diner is something I am quite proud of. I originally created it for the very final story arc of Eonís Comic, but as I donít intend to remake that story for Eonís World Vol. 1, that diner set I made entirely from scratch risked going to waste. I had originally intended that CJ and Sally would meet at Luigiís, the regular social hangout spot of Eonís World, but then I remembered these assets Iíd made, as well as Silky having mentioned a place that does excellent waffles. Boom! We have our legendary waffle house. It was based on Dotís Diner, of course. Not the Dotís Diner from ReBoot, mind you, but the Dotís Diners scattered around the Capital Wasteland in Fallout 3, which I had been playing a lot at around the time I made that final story arc in early 2011. I named it Caroleís Diner after an aunt who, tragically, had died shortly before then.

Anyway, something a lot of fiction -- especially this type of fiction -- doesnít tend to focus on is trauma. In the Sonic comics, there are reasons why. Sega has a lot of restrictions on how official media portrays Sonic characters, after all, and they really donít like it when the comics, for instance, have characters dealing with negative emotions. But so much of what characters in these scenarios go through would likely cause at least some of them lasting trauma, if not outright PTSD. CJ was kidnapped by a mad scientist working for a band of religious extremists, and experimented on. They considered him to be and treated him as less than a person because of his species and were content to let him suffer and die for their nefarious purposes, and he had to bust himself out of their captivity. Thatís got to be an upsetting experience, to put it mildly. And even if CJ hasnít been permanently traumatised by it, checking in with him to see how heís doing is the kind of thing a good friend like Sally does. Because thatís what friends do when someone they care about is having a hard time or had a recent bad experience. Iím going to try to do more of this going forwards, too, rather than just shrugging off all trauma and moving on. Mental health is important after all -- just as important as physical health, and more fiction needs to acknowledge it.

Finally, I decided to zoom in on CJ and Sally as they sit at the table because itís the kind of more intimate interaction that warrants a close up like this. Yeah, I expect thereíll be more of that.

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