April 24, 2019



Commentary for April 24, 2019:

Would you believe I spent four days creating a massive 3D model of the ARK for this page, only for me to have it scaled down so much that no one can appreciate it? Ďcause I did!

Donít worry, though! Youíll see plenty of it soon. The best thing about sprites and 3D models is that no project is ever really a waste of time. You may not use a set of assets now, but once theyíre created, you can always use them some time in the future. And even if you mess it up and have to start again from scratch, itís all experience. But, seriously, I never want to have to make a 3D model of the ARK again.

So, you may be wondering how Silky knows so much? How did she know that Eon and his family should have been evacuated by now? How did she know that the blast from the ARKís impact would be inescapable? Well, if youíve read Vol. 2 or read Eonís Comic back in the olden days or yore, you may already know the answer. If not, youíll find out soon enough.

And yes, for those familiar with Sonic Adventure 2, you probably recognise this as the moment when Sonic and Shadow, having just defeated the Biolizard, use their combined powers to warp the ARK safely back into orbit with Chaos Control. But of course, Eon and Silky donít know this, as this is the one of the major themes of this chapter; to show the events of Sonic Adventure 2 from the perspective of a teenage boy, his friends, and his family, who are all powerless to do anything about it. Thereís method to my madness, folks. All this is building towards... well, basically where Eon is today.

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