July 25, 2019



Commentary for July 25, 2019:

So I managed to write over the commentary I originally wrote for this page, which is a little frustrating. Since Vol. 2, Chapter 9, Iíve made a concerted effort to always write the commentary as soon as Iíve finished working on a page, so itís fresh in my mind and not potentially months later, when Iíve completely forgotten what I may have been thinking at the time of creating the page. At this time, Iím currently working on Septemberís pages, so it has been a few weeks since I made this page. But I think I remember more-or-less what I wrote about.

The ARK is meant to have been abandoned fifty years prior to Sonic Adventure 2, so I figure parts of it should be in a fairly damaged or dirty condition -- that sort of used space look that sci-fi like Star Wars or the Battlestar Galactica remake goes for. That was the sort of look I was going for here, as well as trying to capture a more industrial feel to this part of the ARK, similar to places like the shuttle bays in the Abramsverse Star Trek films, actually.

Those two echidnas, by the way, are similar to Tyra-Za in that they are adapted from a couple of unnamed echidna soldiers who appeared in Vol. 2 --in Chapter 7, specifically. I imagine Iím going to make a few more of these over time. Itís good to have some more unique looking characters after all, isnít it?

Anyway, that cantrip CJ casts is meant to be Dancing Lights.

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