April 19, 2019



Commentary for April 19, 2019:

So, when I started on my initial pass at remastering Eonís Comic a year ago, I didnít plan on changing the visuals at all, if I could help it. Even new content I was going to create in the style of any contemporary stories. However, when it came to GUN, I soon chose to relax that rule a little and used custom sprites Iíd later made for them, instead of the Mega Man Zero Resistance sprites I originally started with. For the remake, however, I am basically re-creating everything using the best assets I have available (and even making some new ones), and that applies to the soldier sprites used here as well as the main characters. However, as these sprites were made for the UNDF, the significantly less sinister military that replaced GUN later in Eon's Comic (spoilers!), I wanted there to be something different about these soldiers to what will come later, particularly something to mark them as part of a -- let's be quite honest here -- fascist military force. Based on the soldier NPCs that appear in the game, Shadow the Hedgehog, I gave these GUN troops a new helmet to obscure their faces and give them a real uniformed goon squad appearance. Seeing how well this works in the first panel here, I decided to make an artistic choice going forwards that all regular GUN foot soldiers will look completely identical. Am I making a political comment about the militarisation of police forces or how uniformed services rob people of their individual identities?

Yes. Yes, I am.

Anyway, hi CJ! Yes, long time friend and brother-in-arms to Eon and teacher of magic to Silky (spoilers!), CJ Kitmyth makes a proper debut here, which I think is well-deserved by such a vitally important character to the Eonís World mythos (and a main character of the recently concluded ninth chapter of Vol. 2, I might add). But here heís ten years younger and life is very different for him. Heís still a wizard-in-training at the local Mages Guild in Station Square at this point. I should probably note that CJ is about two years older than Eon, who is 16. It doesnít seem like a huge age difference, but it is kind of an unusual age gap between school friends. But I figure they came to know each other through two avenues: one, they both learned swordplay under Cookirini and two, CJ came to Eonís defence once or twice while he was being bullied. And being a fox with two tails, I imagine CJ got a bit of bullying himself, until he was able to start throwing spells at bullies, that is.

While Iím giving out ages, I might as well confirm that Eon is 16, Silky is 15, and CJ is 18. And, sure, sheís not on this page, but she is another major character in Eonís World, so Cookirini is 24 at this time. (And if you really want to know, Eonís father is 51 and his mother is 49.) There we go, some ages established. But, unlike The Simpsons or, hell, the actual Sonic the Hedgehog game series, time does pass here and all characters in Eonís World age.

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