August 30, 2019



Commentary for August 30, 2019:

Thereís all kinds of ways that having the ability to basically teleport at will (and take people with you) can be useful in a fight. Now, I donít imagine that Shadow has an infinite range on his warping ability, but I think he can travel at least as far as whatever the distance between Earth and the ARK is, and I imagine a hollowed out asteroid station has got to be somewhere in high orbit at around 40,000 km above sea level. So, Shadowís range is at least that far, meaning he can probably travel anywhere on Earth at will. Of course, like Glimmer from She-Ra, I would imagine Shadow has a limited number of teleports he can use before he needs to rest and recover his strength, and an extreme range teleport has got to use much more energy than a quick trip into the air a few hundred metres above Station Square.

Anyway, I guess that was kind of a short fight, wasnít it? Then again, Iím not overly fond of doing protracted fights in sprite format, because it is a very limited format and you canít do lots of dramatic angles of basically the characters hitting each other until one of them falls down. So, yeah, most fights arenít going to go on for pages and pages. Iím more about storytelling through dialogue, anyways. Still, at least Blaze has some limited hovering ability, eh?

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