July 23, 2019



Commentary for July 23, 2019:

So, I was a little conflicted over featuring this mech so early, but I needed something big and powerful to justify what CJís about to do at the end of this page. Long time readers who read Eonís Comic may remember the Marauder, which would feature quite heavily later on in the series (and if youíve read Vol. 2, youíll have seen its larger and more heavily armed successor, the Landstalker in Chapters 6 and 7), but it didnít make its first appearance until over five years later, originally. Hence why it is described here as a prototype and also lacks the top-mounted anti-aircraft laser.

Now, if youíve ever watched Slayers or read Chapter 9 of Vol. 2 (or read the original Eonís Comic), youíll know whatís coming next.

PK Marauder sprites originally by Kompi.

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