July 5, 2019



Commentary for July 5, 2019:

So, this first scene with Silky and Eon is the first actual re-creation of a scene from the original Eonís Comic. Itís reasonably faithful to the original, too, with only a slight difference to it. But when I was going over the original while writing the new script, I felt I just had to keep the essence of this moment in at least. Silky and Eon arenít relevant to the overall plot of this chapter, but they help to at least set the scene (i.e. itís election day). But the conversation about second breakfast is right out of the version of this story in Eon's Comic and Iím pleased with how Iíve updated it. It is, of course, a reference to The Lord of the Rings; the original page went online less than a year after The Fellowship of the Ring had debuted in cinemas and only a few weeks before The Two Towers was due, so The Lord of the Rings was very much in the public consciousness at the time. I decided to put a bit more of a D&D spin on it this time around, though, I guess because Iíve been very interested in D&D over the last few months and have got back into playing Pathfinder recently. I also donít know if The Lord of the Rings still even exists as a work of fiction in Eonís World.

Anyway, itís mid November. Itís autumn, so that means the weather and the colour of the leaves are changing. Showing gradual seasonal changes wasnít something I did right away in Eon's Comic. I did make it snow in the winters from the very first year, but apart from ďsnowĒ and ďnot snowĒ, there was nothing to really distinguish the seasons until later. Also, characters didnít dress for the weather much. Itís not a lot, but Iím quite pleased with Eonís wee scarf and Silkyís more seasonal outfit.

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