August 28, 2019



Commentary for August 28, 2019:

You know, back in the days of Eonís Comic, I never thought Iíd really find a use for those sprites of Cream eating an ice cream cone. Never say never, eh?

Initially, I had planned on having Blaze actually be quite naive about politics. She was going to assume that, if the President wasnít a good man, then such an obviously good woman as Vanilla would use her position as Governor to oppose him in every way and would not sully herself by ďholding courtĒ with Mortimer. I was going to give her a very black and white, almost fantasy novel idea of how countries are ruled; either the country is ruled by someone good and just, who deserves the fealty and support of all good people, or itís ruled by someone evil, a wicked tyrant whom all good people ought to oppose. Then I remembered Mayor Zao.

For those unfamiliar with Freedom Planet, Mayor Zao is the elected leader of Shang Mu, one of the three major nations of the planet Avalice, and heís a fairly conniving individual. Zao is obsessed with re-election, plastering the city of Shang Mu with his propaganda, and he is quite willing to take some very underhanded actions to increase his electoral prospects (weíre talking theft and possible acts of war, honestly). Since Iíve decided that Blazeís world (in Eonís World, at least) is the planet Avalice from Freedom Planet, it felt quite ridiculous to me that someone as well-travelled as Blaze could be so naive as to not recognise how grey politics can often be. Maybe she hoped a world as advanced as Earth (and Earth is much more technologically advanced than Avalice, at least) would have better politics. But it turns out the politics here arenít so different to how they are back home.

Anyway, if you were wondering when Shadow was going to return, here you go!

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