August 14, 2019



Commentary for August 14, 2019:

“What a lot of things you do use Good morning for!" said Gandalf. "Now you mean that you want to get rid of me, and that it won't be good till I move off.”

I like to think Ullswater’s use “good evening” is similar to this. She is done condescending to speak with (or, rather, at) Eon, but to simply spell it out would be uncouth for a woman of such nobility that she camouflages her disdain for him with feigned politeness, even though Eon knows full well what she’s doing and she knows that he knows. Indeed, she takes some pleasure in that knowledge, in much the same way that a bully smirks at their victim (especially if they just got them into trouble) and, when their victim complains, the bully protests that they were only smiling at them, and how can that be wrong? They know what they’re doing and they delight in it, because it’s practically impossible to make them face any consequences for being such a colossal jerk. 

Anyway, enough dredging up childhood trauma.

I think it’s fairly obvious, by the way she is very insistent on being such good friends with the President Elect, that Ullswater doesn’t actually know Samanfur the Fox at all. She’s undoubtedly met her, because she was one of Britannia’s United Federation senators until recently, but that’s like saying I’m a friend of Patricia Tallman, because I had a very pleasant conversation with her at Edinburgh Comic Con in 2016 and even had my photo taken with her. Samanfur certainly knows of Ullswater and probably even remembers meeting her (which I doubt Pat Tallman does in my case), but she’s not the kind of person she’d be terribly fond of. As the saying goes, “Methinks the lady doth protest too much.”

Lord Dingleberry’s another character who was never in Eon’s Comic, because I really never went into Quinsiccan [sic] high society at all, so there was no call for someone like him. Like Ullswater, I created Dingleberry for Chapter 8 of Eon’s World, Vol. 2 and I’ve brought him into Vol. 1 for much the same reasons as her; because I want Britannic high society to play a role (albeit a minor one) in some of the stories I’ll be telling about Silky’s journey towards becoming Queen and beyond. Dingleberry is meant to be very old -- probably pushing a hundred if not older, but he’s still in excellent health here, whereas by Vol. 2 he is has started using a fancy cane to support himself.

By the way, the word “dingleberry” is an old alternative to “blackberry”. I grew up with it meaning something far less pleasant, though, which is why I thought it was perfect for a pompous rich snob who likes to show off about the expensive stocks he can buy on a whim. Bumbershoot, whom he refers to, is a bit of a reference to a character from a podcast I listen to called Dice Funk. It’s also a posh word for “umbrella”.

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