October 18, 2019



Commentary for October 18, 2019:


Thatís it?

Sonic beats Shadow... by apologising to him?!

Yes. He does.

Although, itís not really accurate to describe this as Sonic beating Shadow. Really, itís a matter of Sonic realising that ďbeatingĒ him isnít the answer. Shadow is angry; he feels hurt, betrayed, and heís lashing out at the person he thinks is responsible. Sonicís tried explaining that he didnít leave Shadow behind to die out of spite and, while that is true, it didnít address the hurt feelings that needed to be addressed.

Shadow needed to hear this heartfelt apology from Sonic, to really grok that heís telling the truth, that he didnít want Shadow to die, he didnít leave him to die, and that, if he could have saved him, he would have. Up until now, Sonic had just met Shadowís aggression with aggression, and he was never going to defuse the situation that way.

So he took a chance on empathy. Letís see if it pays off...

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