May 3, 2019



Commentary for May 3, 2019:

In one of the original versions of this story, when it was still an incomplete fanfic, Silkyís host family were straight up murdered by Metal Sonic. Now, Doctor Eggman is not above killing people, especially the Eggman of Eonís World. But I think itíd be a bit cheap to kill off some unknown (and, frankly, unimportant) characters just to give Silky emotional baggage. So, donít worry, folks. Iím sure her host family will be fine.

But will, Eon?

No. Eon is dead. Struck down at the tender age of 16, by a killer robot. Never will he go on to achieve great things, like becoming a Jedi and saving the world and of course heís fine. Weíve already seen him at age 124, so naturally Eon can never die before then. (At least not without being resurrected, I guess? But heís not Jesus, Aslan, or Gandalf... Although, he is kind of based on Gandalf in some ways, so... maybe?)

Anyway, thatís the end of Chapter 2. You may notice that some chapters for Vol. 1 are noticeably shorter than in Vol. 2. The reason for this is because a lot of stories in the original Eon's Comic were only a page or two long. But those pages were 18 panels long each, which translates into three pages in the new format. Itís unlikely that any chapter will be less than three pages long, but some may very well be as short as that.

The Metal Sonic sprites used here were created by CyberShadow.

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