August 29, 2019



Commentary for August 29, 2019:

Snow is an environmental effect I think I really got quite good at while creating Eonís Comic, and itís good to be putting those skills to use again here. I havenít tried any snowy settings in Eonís World Vol. 2 yet, of course, but the effects used would probably be quite different. I guess I wonít know until I try it. If I try it.

Anyway, maybe Shadow ought to have taken a hint about Blazeís abilities from her name? But yes, this is very much Shadow vs. Blaze now. Has any official media gone there before? I think Archie Sonic teased going there at one time, but it became more of an uneasy team-up between Blaze, Amy, and Cream and Team Dark (i.e. Shadow, Rouge, and E-123 Omega) than a fight. I donít think it ever actually came to blows. I should really re-read that series some time. It was excellent, after all.

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