July 26, 2019



Commentary for July 26, 2019:

Iím quite delighted by the setting I created for the infirmary here, because itís made out of a background I created for a room on the ARK over four years into the original Eonís Comic run, just tweaked for a few general improvements. Indeed, Iíve gone and made some general improvements to the ARK interior backgrounds Iíve been using so far in Eon's World Vol. 1 for this chapter. Part of me didnít want or expect to really make any improvements to the quality of Vol. 1 as I progress with it, but I guess itís kind of inevitable really, isnít it? And this chapter has been quite rich with little tweaks and improvements.

Anyway, now that Chapter 10 is concluded, itís time to compare it to the original version of the story, which was told in Eon's Comic #14 and #15, titled ĎThe Hostageí and ĎDragu Slave!í (i.e. ĎDragon Slaveí) respectively. This is, honestly, the truest to the original any story in the remake has been so far. Heck, the first panel of page 10.01 is a direct re-creation of the third panel from the original story (albeit with snow falling on a wintery scene, which wasnít the case in the original). Indeed, that first page is very faithful to the original, if more concise. The original meandered a bit before getting to the meat of the story, which came mostly in the second page. For this remake, I wanted to put greater emphasis on the actual experimentation on CJ, which is why we get right to it on page 10.02, and it takes up most of the chapter.

Now, in Eon's Comic, it was Sora-Ya who wanted CJ, believing him to be destined to become a great wizard. She wasnít interested in finding out how magic works or how to give magic to others; she literally just wanted to control CJ and turn him into a weapon, and had a control chip planted in his head. I decided to alter that for this retelling, however, for two reasons: 1) this story was revisited later in Eon's Comic in a critically important moment for CJ as a character, and I wanted to make this story a proper long-term setup for that this time; and 2) in the original , Sora-Ya seemed to have the shortest attention span. Sheíd stolen the Master Emerald and then done nothing with it, instead going after CJ in the hopes of turning him into her slave. So, this time, I wanted to make her more single-minded, but not completely averse to other projects being explored, so long as they donít interfere with the Echidna Empireís priorities. Also, it was a good opportunity to show the amount of latitude Horatio gets, which is far greater than any other Imperial. As Sora-Ya says here on this final page, itís because he is the Empireís greatest intellect and fairly indispensable.

Finally, the original didnít show CJís escape -- basically because I ran out of space. I later had a single page story where CJ recounted his experience to a friend and described how he escaped, but I felt it was better to actually show it here and now, and take the time for a little denouement with Horatio and Sora-Ya.

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