October 14, 2019



Commentary for October 15, 2019:

In the version of this story told in Eonís Comic, part of the plan to defeat Shadow involved using the Master Emerald to bring back Chaos  -- you know, the water creature from Sonic Adventure? -- and have them fight Shadow. But the plan backfired when Shadow instead absorbed all the energy from Chaos, destroying them, and becoming Super Shadow that way. Given the way the Echidna Empireís experiments with the Master Emerald have been more narrowly focused in this remake, however, I knew it couldnít be that way this time. Plus, I really didnít want to bring in Chaos just to have them be destroyed like that. So, I revised the story to have Shadow turn super the usual way -- with the seven Chaos Emeralds.

Anyway, I imagine you can already guess where this is going next!

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