October 21, 2019



Commentary for October 21, 2019:

Well, it looks like empathy paid off.

This resolution is completely different to how this story ended in the original version told in Eonís Comic. In that version, Shadow was completely insane and could not be reasoned with. I didnít have Sonic kill him, however, because thatís not what Sonic does. Instead, I had Sonic keep him fighting until his unstable super form caused him to vanish out of existence.

This was based on weird bit of throwaway dialogue from the final boss battle in Sonic Adventure 2, where Super Sonic warns Super Shadow that if he remains in his super form too long, he will disappear. Back when SA2 was still relatively new, this one line (which you only hear if you allow the final boss to drag on long enough) became a source of a lot of fan theories about Shadowís fate. But like so much in the Sonic franchise itís had seemingly no lasting implications towards the continuity, so I donít think itís really relevant now. But the original version of this story came less than two years after SA2 debuted, Shadow hadnít yet appeared in another game, and fan speculation about his fate was rife, so I took the fan theories surrounding that mysterious line of dialogue and ran with them.

I wanted the resolution here in Eonís World, however, to starkly contrast with what I wrote in Eonís Comic. I wanted to really showcase Sonicís kindness and compassion. He took a chance by reaching out to Shadow like this and it may not have paid off. But fortunately it did, because a little kindness and understanding was what Shadow needed. Is there a message in there? Well, if anything, Iíd like to think this resolution is a positive mental health story, so take that from it, if you like.

Of course, Knuckles isnít pleased, but then, heís a lot more aggressive and suspicious than Sonic, so of course this isnít what he would have done. Tails, on the other hand, idolises Sonic, so naturally he approves (even if he was sceptical about Sonicís chances). But there is a valid question about whether or not Sonicís done the right thing by just letting Shadow walk away. After all, he did attack the President of Meridia and threatened people, all to draw out Sonic and force a confrontation. Thatís the kind of thing youíd typically be sent to prison for, after all.

But the way Sonic sees it is this: if nobody was seriously hurt and it doesnít look as if Shadow will cause any more harm, thereís no point in punishing him. Sonic lives very much in the moment, and he doesnít tend to hold a grudge. More importantly, heís not a cop or a judge. In terms of D&D character alignment, Iíd put Sonic somewhere in the vicinity of Neutral Good. That is to say he doesnít have outright contempt for the law, order, or authority, but heíll defy all three in a heartbeat to do whatís right.

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