August 13, 2019



Commentary for August 13, 2019:

I don’t think I characterised Ballista as being old enough to have really known Queen Felicity in Eon’s Comic. Instead, she had become Steward more recently and was only about ten years older than Silky. In Eon's World, she’s got a good few years on her instead -- at least twenty, probably closer to thirty, really. Enough, at any rate to have known Silky’s mother long enough to have been close friends with her. I wanted Silky to have someone in her life who could be that bridge between herself and her mother, since she never got the chance to know her. Also, I wanted Ballista, who is one of Eon’s World’s most important characters, to have a more in-depth background.

Anyway, folks who’re up to date with Eon’s World Vol. 2 may recognise Lady Ullswater from Chapter 8. Looking back at Eon's Comic, it occurred to me that Eon had never had any difficulty being accepted by Silky’s people... or, worse, if he had, I’d never shown it. I’ve got more to say about this in a couple of page’s time, so I won’t go into too much detail here. But, for this remake, I thought it was important for Eon to struggle to be accepted by Britannic high society, to face prejudice and discrimination for his background, and to not necessarily even fully overcome it. If you’ve read Vol. 2, Chapter 8, you’ll know Ullswater still hasn’t accepted him nearly ten years later (and may never).

Anyway, I’m glad to get to write some more Ullswater here. I expect she’ll be back any time there’s a high class function at Castle Gemini like this, and that gives me an opportunity to develop her more as a character. I do have an awful lot of her background worked out already, after all. But some notes on lore, since she mentioned being Chair of the Heritage Committee and Senator for Northumbria. Britannia has a bicameral parliamentary legislature, and the upper house is the Senate. Lord and Lady are not hereditary titles, but honours given to people recognising service to the nation, and the title does not come with any political power (though, very often, the politically powerful do end up with lordships, because politics). So, Ullswater is a senator but she was, at some point, also honoured with a lordship, which is why she is Lady Ullswater. The Heritage Committee is a committee in Britannia’s Senate, which is concerned with Britannia’s culture, heritage, and traditions. And, of course, Northumbria is one of Britannia’s fifteen provinces, which Ullswater represents in the Senate (it corresponds to the real world region of northern England between the Humber estuary and the border with Scotland).

I really should do some work on that About section rather than just lore dumping in commentaries, shouldn’t I?

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