April 17, 2019



Commentary for April 17, 2019:

Look! Half of the Moon is gone?!

Yep, this story is set concurrently with the events of Sonic Adventure 2, in particular the destruction of the Moon (hey, Old Man Eon did say his tale began on the day that Doctor Eggman destroyed the Moon, didnít he?).

Most stories donít really focus on regular people living through times of crisis; they tend to focus instead on the heroes and their struggle to prevent the villains from committing atrocities. I thought it would be interesting to start Eonís story here, at a time when it looked like the world was about to end and he was powerless to stop it. After all, this is Eon when he was just a boy, long before he was a Jedi. Sure, he can swing a sword, but there is nothing he can do to save the world from whatever force just destroyed the Moon. (Of course, if youíve played Sonic Adventure 2, you know exactly whatís happened to the Moon.)

How do the little people, helpless as they are, deal with situations like this? And how does living through it affect them in the long run?

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