May 21, 2019



Commentary for May 21, 2019:

If watching Game of Thrones these past eight years has taught me anything, itís that conversations are a brilliant way to disguise massive lore dumps in a story.

So when I first decided to include the Freedom Fighters as regular characters in the Eonís World universe (and not as dimensional travellers from the SatAM or even Archie comics universe), I hadnít quite figured out the backgrounds of some of the characters. Antoine has always been French, even in a cartoon and a comic where France doesnít exist (at least it hasnít for a few thousand years), but in Eonís World, France does exist, so he ought to be from France. France, of course, has no monarchy, so heís not from a family of royal guardsmen; but I wanted him to have some kind of military background, which is why itís established here that heís former French Special Forces. After serving his time in the French army, he found his way to the Westside Archipelago in time to be there when Eggman attacked, which is why heís a Freedom Fighter now.

Bunnieís backstory is quite a bit different here to SatAM or Archie Sonic, however. Obviously, Johnny Lightfoot was not a character in either of those, so they werenít siblings like they are here. But how Bunnie came to be the Rabbot we all know and love is markedly different here. Roboticisation does not exist in Eonís World, at least not in the way it did in SatAM or Archie Sonic, where a living creature is completely transformed into a robot -- and itís completely reversible. The closest you could get to it is something along the lines of legionising from Archie Sonic or Borg assimilation from Star Trek, where a creature is augmented by removing organic body parts and replacing them with cybernetics -- something which does not appear to be entirely reversible. So, Bunnie wasnít the victim of interrupted roboticisation here; she literally lost her limbs and had to have them replaced. But, as a nod to Bunnieís backstory in Vol. 2 of Archie Sonic, Rotor and Tails helped her out by giving her the advanced cybernetics she has now so she could use them in the fight against Doctor Eggman.

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