August 2, 2019



Commentary for August 2, 2019:

The Solstice party in panels 5 and 6 takes place at Luigiís, as was mentioned on the previous page. It was a regular location in Eonís Comic from very early on, that began as a single panel-sized bar with some seating and eventually expanded into an entire hotel. I named it after an Italian restaurant in the town I grew up in that my family and I often ate at when I was a child, not after the character from the Super Mario games. But having named it Luigi's, I ended up making that same Luigi from those games the bartender there. Since Iíve elected to remove things that arenít from the four franchises that Iíve chosen to include in Eonís World as of this remake (those being Sonic the Hedgehog, Star Wars, Star Fox, and Freedom Planet), I couldnít really keep Luigi. Sure, I couldíve kept him on as bit of an in-joke, but I decided not to. He was included originally because I didnít take the story of Eonís Comic at all seriously in the beginning, so I just threw in whatever seemed funny or cool at first. So, while the hotel bar, Luigiís retains the name from Eonís Comic, the Luigi from the famous Nintendo series will not be returning for Eon's World. Sorry, Luigi fans.

By the way, Amyís anecdote about beating up a fedora-wearing merc with her hammer is actually a reference to her first appearance in the original Eonís Comic, where she beat up Nack the Weasel and an OC Iím no longer using, who actually were both wearing fedoras. But if you want to headcanon it as her beating up an MRA, I certainly wonít stop you.

But, hey! Look who did get a little cameo, after all! Making their first appearances in Eon's World Vol. 1 here are Tekno the Canary, Mighty the Armadillo, and Ray the Flying Squirrel. Tekno will definitely be back, but I still donít know that Mighty and Ray will make more the occasional guest appearance, since they never had a big role in in Eonís Comic anyway.

Credits: Blaze sprites originally by Kaijin, Rotor sprites originally by DarkBurraki, Mighty sprites originally by Zong, Ray sprites originally by Crow Sar, chilli dog dog sprites by Gabriel (a.k.a. Frag).

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