June 14, 2019



Commentary for June 14, 2019:

Writing Bean is actually quite tricky. Itís hard to harness that kind of ďlol so randomĒ energy that Ian Flynn used to be able to muster up for him in Archie Sonic. Thatís probably why I had Rotor cold clock him in the second panel here -- to shut him up.

Talking of Rotor, I may need to make my own sprites of the big guy eventually after all, if I want him to be an active member of the Freedom Fighters. Sadly, the one decent set of sprites I found doesnít have many action poses at all and I needed to make a few tweeks here and there to get as little action out of him as I have done here. I figured this would be a problem, which is why Rotor never appeared in the original Eonís Comic or the attempted remaster of it last year, despite there being a good reason for him to appear in both instances. I guess weíll see how things go.

Anyway, before I wrap up, yes, I am aware of how similar Evelyn Blackwoodís powers and the application thereof are to those of Regina Ferrum from Archie Sonic. She too was a technomancer who could use her powers to control technology, including things like Bunnie Rabbotís cybernetics. (I mean, I hope it's obvious that that's what's happening here?) When I realised how similar Evelyn was turning out to be to Regina, I did consider just having Regina in this story, instead. After all, Iím using other characters from Archie Sonic, so why not the Iron Queen herself? Well, there are reasons. One, Reginaís not a mercenary, she is a despot with designs on world domination. Yes, she works for Eggman, but like most of his sub bosses, sheís just waiting for an opportunity to overthrow him and take the top spot. The geopolitics of Eonís World, however, are very different to those of Archie Sonic. Eggman does not control vast swathes of territory governed by local subordinates in this world, so Iím not sure how Iíd fit a character like Regina in without massively altering who and what she is. Okay, I recast Sally Acorn as not a princess, but there is some precedent for that in Sonic fiction, where Sally hasnít been a princess in every iteration of the character, and being a princess is only a small part of who Sally has ever been where it is the case. I feel like completely reimagining Regina Ferrum to be some kind of merc instead of the queen of a despotic country is kind of disrespectful to the source material. Evelyn is a very different character to Regina, despite having similar powers. That being said, I might include Regina herself, if there is a place in the story where it would make sense for her to appear. And that is the rub; Iím not sure there is. As awesome as the Iron Dominion story arc in Archie Sonic was, I canít cram every cool element from official Sonic fiction into this one fangirlís vanity project.

Credits: Rotor sprites by DarkBurraki and NinjaRaccoon. Bean sprites by SuperMario2467. Bark sprites by Cylent Nite.

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