September 4, 2019



Commentary for September 4, 2019:

Over the years, Sonic has been portrayed in many ways, but I’ve always liked him best when he’s the kind of character who appreciates his friends and is willing to call on them for help. He’s not so proud or insecure that he needs to face Shadow alone to prove how tough he is. He’s smart enough to realise how dangerous Shadow can be. Having gone in first to assess the situation, he’s fallen back now to somewhere more open, where there’s less danger to civilians and he has backup from four allies.

Shadow, on the other hand, may not fully realise his limits. If he had any grudge against Tails and the others, I imagine he’d stay and fight right now. But since his beef is with Sonic, he’s not interested in fighting them. If they continue to get in his way, however...

Anyway, in a similar vein to Amy’s winter wear, I put a leather jacket on Bunnie for her appearance here. And that’s also kind of a nod to one of her looks in Archie Sonic (specifically, shortly after the ‘Tossed in Space’ arc), although I do kind of draw the line at putting her in a cowboy hat. I know, she’s Southern, but do we really need to go full on cowboy stereotype with her? Heck, in Archie Sonic, they even gave her a pistol belt (with pistols she never used, because she’s Bunnie freakin’ Rabbot and doesn’t need them).

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