June 6, 2019



Commentary for June 6, 2019:

And now we know how the Echidna Empire got guns. Oh yeah, and the ARK. When Eonís Comic originally began, we joined the Echidna Empire having already taken over the ARK. As mentioned in previous commentaries, this was because I used an uncompleted fanfic as the backstory for Eonís Comic, which I now realise was really poor storytelling. I was keeping important plot and character details in a separate piece of media that was practically unpublished. What was I thinking? But hey, thatís what these first four chapters are here for now. Congratulations to me, I guess? I finally finished that story I started writing when I was, like, 15, and just never finished. And not only that, Iíve incorporated it properly into the comic that came out of it. I think Iíve done a pretty good job of it, too.

Now of course, there are massive differences between the finished product and what I had originally planned, but the essence of it is the same. Eon and Silky meet and there is chemistry. Sora-Ya tricks Eggman into an alliance and convinces him to kidnap Silky. Eon finds out who Silky really is and gets help to rescue her from Sonic. Sora-Ya betrays Eggman and ends up in control of the ARK, but fails to stop Silky from being rescued. There were a lot of other factors in play in the original fanfic, but they would have unnecessarily complicated the story here, so I streamlined it, changed up the roster of characters a bit, cut out unnecessary details, and added a good bit of world building for future stories.

Anyway, in the next chapters, things will start to look a bit more familiar. But there wonít be exact one for one remakes of the original stories, at least not to begin with. I had a lot of really whacky ideas when I first started Eonís Comic, after all, and some of those have been re-imagined, others replaced, and some, honestly, have just been removed. Two big things you wonít find going forwards in Eon's World Vol. 1 are characters from Super Mario Bros. or Mega Man.

Now, axing Mario was an easy decision. The characters were never important and only ever really there for comic relief. Luigi was probably the longest running Mario character, as I cast him as the manager and barman (for some reason) of Luigiís Hotel and Bar in Station Square. Well, the venue will still be there, as it is an important location, but the game character, Luigi will not be.

Mega Man was a tougher decision. I wrote some major stories featuring Mega Man characters between Eon's Comic #1 and #300 back in the day and made a serious effort at retelling those stories in my initial attempt at remastering it last year, since I had now read the entire run of the Archie Mega Man comic and had a much better grasp of the characters than I did 16 years earlier. But I still wouldnít call myself a fan. I read the comics because there were two crossovers with Archie Sonic and I wanted to familiarise myself with the lore to better appreciate them. (Turns out it wasn't actually all that necessary, but it was a good read all the same.) But my original reason for featuring Mega Man characters was because that was just what people were doing with sprite comics back in 2002. They were videogame melting pots where Sonic, Mario, and Mega Man could all interact with one another. I didn't know I was going to try and tell a serious story with this medium before too long. Yes, I could say this is a world in which all those characters co-exist, but Iím a Sonic fan. I know Sonic. I like Mario and I like Mega Man, but Iím not a fan of them, and I donít feel I really have the knowledge and certainly not the passion for either to do them justice.

Now, there was a major story arc involving Zero and Ciel travelling back in time from the Mega Man Zero era to the present day to try and change history. This in turn prompted the appearance of time agents, including one Katherine Elm, who just got done having an entire chapter focused on her in Vol. 2. So I was a bit worried about how Iíd justify her appearance without those time travellers. But, fortunately for Eonís World, there is a Sonic character whose entire backstory is that heís travelled from the future to try and change history. Sonic fans will know who Iím talking about. Anyone else who just happens to enjoy this comic has that reveal to look forward to.

Finally, I have also elected to remove all OC's belonging to people I am no longer in contact with if they haven't been grandfathered in by appearing in Vol. 2. This isn't actually a huge amount of characters in the long run, but there were a few early on who will not now be returning for Eon's World Vol. 1. I feel it's just better that way if I can't obtain permission from the creators now due to loss of contact. I don't want to find myself in a position where I have to make massive revisions some time down the line because an OC's owner found out I was still using their character and was upset by that. I want to be respectful to other fan creators, after all.

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