August 19, 2019



Commentary for August 19, 2019:

Writing Orbot and Cubot is incredibly fun, which I may have said before. When I was writing this script, I thought to myself, what kind of inane, pointless conversation would these two be having while Doctor Eggman isnít around that Knuckles could walk in on? When this topic occurred to me, I just had to go with it. (For the record, I really donít care whether a taco is a sandwich or not.)

Iíve not really cared for Star Trek style transporters as a way of getting around in sc-fi. Star Trek makes them work, so they don't bug me when I watch it, but itís not a technology Iíd choose for a fictional world of my own. I prefer shuttles. But, they kinda do exist in Sonicís world -- at least, there was one in Sonic Adventure 2 and that is, more or less, verbatim the back story to Eonís World, so I kinda needed to acknowledge it. However, I should point out that it is still an experimental technology and not one that many people have been interested in investing in, because it is very dangerous and prone to malfunctions with lethal consequences. Of course, Doctor Eggmanís not the kind of scientist who lets little things like safety or ethics inconvenience him. But yes, transporters is a tech that has never taken off in Eonís World, which is why early experimental transporters exist at this point in Vol. 1, but they do not by the time of Vol. 2.

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