June 24, 2019



Commentary for June 24, 2019:

As Iíve mentioned before, when I was first making Eonís Comic, I treated my unfinished Sonic fanfic, ĎRise of the Empireí as the canon backstory to it (which is terrible storytelling). In it, Knuckles had already met Sora-Ya and was, therefore, familiar with her by the time of this chapter (or, at least, the corresponding story from the original run). However, while adapting the basic idea of that fic into the first four chapters of this remaster, I found no real reason to include Knuckles in that story arc. He wouldnít have fit with the story, really, and Iím not even sure what role Iíd planned for him in the original fanfic version anyway. In any case, whether he appeared earlier or appeared now, it was going to be his first canon encounter with the Echidna Empire, which was actually quite a challenge for me to write, but Iíll have more to say about that on subsequent pages.

Anyway, whatís this about Knucklesís mother?

Well, itís kind of a flip of Knucklesís backstory in the Archie Sonic series, where Knuckles was raised alone by his father, Locke, who then up and abandoned him at some point, making it look as if heíd died. Of course, this turned out not to be true, and Locke had instead been hiding in a secret bunker on Angel Island with several generations of his forefathers (all of them previous Guardians), secretly watching Knuckles for reasons that were never really made clear. Anyway, this version of Knuckles was raised by his mother, and it was she who was the previous Guardian, and unlike Archie Sonicís Locke, she is, in fact, definitely dead. Was her name Lara-Le? Had she loved an echidna man named Locke, who had been Knucklesís father? Probably not, ícause I donít want Ken Penders suing me. And besides, it doesnít matter anyway.

Unlike Archie Sonic, Iíve no intention of doing a deep dive into the backstories of any of the Sonic game characters. I fully expect to do more than the games ever do, in most cases, but not as deep as the Archie comics went.

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