August 12, 2019



Commentary for August 12, 2019:

The conversation on this page is basically the only scene from any previous version of this story to survive into Eon's World. (And it wasnít even in the original Eon's Comic; it was in the attempted remaster I started of it last year.) The original version of this story was just bad, to be honest with you, which is why it has been completely overhauled for Eon's World.

One of the advantages of increasing the panel size by 200 percent in most cases is that it allows for some messing around with perspectives without having to make background elements all nasty and grainy. Iím sure I did a shot like this in Eon's Comic at some point; but, due to the panel size I used back then, it wasnít possible for zoomed out background elements to retain their quality.

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