May 14, 2019



Commentary for May 14, 2019:

As originally conceived, it was Sonic and Tails who went to the ARK to rescue Silky, along with Rouge the Bat as a GUN agent and Nack the Weasel as extra hired muscle. (Needless to say, part of that story involved Nack being paid off by Eggman to sabotage the mission and, of course, fail in the attempt.) But in making GUN less cooperative and more capricious for Eon’s World, I re-imagined the mission being carried out by the Freedom Fighters -- after all, they only exist in this world because GUN failed to act in the past. So, here we have Antoine D’Coolette, Bunnie Rabbot, and... Johnny Lightfoot?

Yep, Johnny Lightfoot, a character who never appeared in any of the major American Sonic fiction, but who was popularised by the British Sonic comic published by Fleetway. He was a core member of the Freedom Fighters until he died fighting Chaos early in the book’s (very loose) Sonic Adventure adaptation, shortly before the series ended. For Eon’s World, I decided to merge both versions of the Freedom Fighters, so pretty much every character who was part of either the Archie or Fleetway team has a high chance of making an appearance here at some point. (I also decided to make Johnny and Bunnie brother and sister, so they’re the Lightfoot Twins here. More on that later, though.)

Now, as I said, I did plan on having Tails go on the mission, but I elected not to include him in this story, to avoid over-crowding my panels. This is one of the disadvantages of sprite comics, sadly. It’s also the real reason Sally’s not going on the mission. Yes, it wouldn’t do for an MP to go on a dangerous rescue mission, but I don’t think Sally would let that stop her if she felt she needed to go. So, the real reason is, honestly, panel size.

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