July 8, 2019



Commentary for July 8, 2019:

Samanfur the Fox wins the election? What a twist!

Well, no, not really. If you read the original Eonís Comic at all, youíll know that Samanfur was President Chancellor then. Of course, for Eon's World, Iíve made major changes to the setting, replacing the chancellery with a presidency and generally making the system of government more overtly based on the United States (which the United Federation is clearly based on in the Sonic games), but this much remains true; Samanfur the Fox is the leader of Earthís government for a good few years at least early in the story of Eonís World. I wonít say more just now, because spoilers.

Anyway, a quick note on geography. You may have noticed that Grand Metropolis is 13 hours ahead of Station Square. This is because Station Square is on the east coast of North America, in the UTC -5 timezone, whereas Grand Metropolis is on the Korean Peninsula in the UTC +8 time zone. Thatís why itís still morning in Station Square at close to midnight in Grand Metropolis.

Finally, why havenít the votes from Geraldonia come in? Well, thatís something that the story will eventually deal with. But for now, let me just assure you that there is a very valid reason why Geraldonia doesnít get to vote in Earthís federal elections at this time. (I mean, valid from a storytelling perspective. From an in-universe perspective, itís horrifying.)

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