July 31, 2019



Commentary for July 31, 2019:

From the first year of Eonís Comic through to 2009, I always included a story set at Christmas. I would have included one in 2010, as well, but I took a break from the comic for a few weeks that summer, which messed up the timeline a bit, so that stories that went up in December were actually set in August that year, whereas previously the date in the comic had lined up more or less with the date IRL (albeit in the distant future). Needless to say, itís July 31 right now and yet here is a story set on December 24. Even if I planned to keep Eon's World Vol. 1 going year-round, I wouldnít try to make the dates line up (because they wouldnít), but itís also just not practical if I want to also continue with Vol. 2, which I definitely do. But Iíll follow the approximate dates of the stories as they were written in Eon's Comic, which means there will be periodic stories set during the holiday season, like this one. Who know? One of them may actually line up with Christmas in the real world some time. Of course, Eon's World is a story set After the End, over fifty thousand years in the future, at a time when magic and animal people are commonplace. While some things from our current world have survived into this setting, I don't think any modern religions have, at least not as they are today. But the Solstice is an observation of a natural phenomenon, which has been celebrated by cultures the world over throughout human history. I see no reason why I wouldn't be in this far flung future setting, too. (Yes, it is just the modern secular Christmas with the labels scratched off and no one one complaining how it isn't religious enough these days, but I need to make sense of it, dammit!)

Anyway, finally! Hi, Amy!

Yes, I promised you all that sheíd show up eventually, didnít I? Admittedly, itís not as soon as I would have liked, or even as soon as in the original version. (For a fuller explanation as to why, check out the commentary to the end of Chapter 6.) Of course, because the weather outside is frightful, Amy is wearing an alternate outfit here, which is a long-sleeved dress that I imagine to be fleece lined and quite warm and I want one. Sheís also wearing black tights or leggings to keep her legs warm. Now you may well ask, why does Amy get a cold weather outfit, while Sonic is still practically naked? Well, I figure Sonic doesnít really feel the cold like other people, because heís always on the move.

But I digress. This scene is actually adapted from the Eon's Comic #17. In fact, that entire page was about Sonic and Amy having an awkward encounter and then sort of agreeing to go on a date. (Yeah, I flirted with the idea of actually doing a SonAmy romance in Eonís Comic, but it never went anywhere.) In the first pass at remastering the series last year, I changed it to Amy inviting Sonic to the New Yearís Eve festivities in Station Square and him overcoming his childish attitude towards her and agreeing to go. This version is, again, different. The biggest change is the length of the scene. I actually spent eighteen panels on this scene originally, but here itís only five (the three on this page and the two on the next). After removing a great deal of the fluff, however, Iíve found some conversations can be boiled down to a much more concise exchange. I also changed the party itself to a Christmas party to take place the very day this story is set and made it into a party organised by Amy herself. I asked myself, who among Sonicís friends would know how to organise a party better than Amy Rose? And there we have it.

Anyway, come back tomorrow for more Blaze the Cat!

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