Chapter 8, A Voice in the Dark - November 14, 2018


Commentary for November 14, 2018:

And hereís another of the great obstacles to getting Chapter 8 done quickly. The Invincible.

Actually, itís not just the Invincible. Itís the shuttle and the XV-12, too. All of them brand new assets I needed to create for this chapter. What was wrong the old Invincible model? Well, I made it in 2011, when I was still learning the ropes in SketchUp. Even when using the Invincible model in Chapter 5, I knew I could already do better (consider the rover model used in the same chapter), so I certainly wasnít prepared to keep on using that garbage fire now. So I wanted to make a new model. And I knew it would take time. Discovery, which I made a few months earlier, took weeks to make. Invincible is more than twice the size. I knew I needed her to have functional launch bays for this chapter, as well as a complete bridge, captainís office, and quarters, too.

So I procrastinated. I let myself get lost in remastering Eonís World 1.0 for weeks and weeks. I told myself it didnít matter. I was on no oneís schedule but my own, after all. But eventually, after Iíd done 100 pages of the remaster, I knew it was past time to continue, so I knuckled down and hammered out three ships in what was actually quite a short span of time -- shorter than I expected, in fact. They were each a unique challenge, but Iíve got them now, and thatís what matters, ne?

Of course, the in-universe explanation for why Invincible looks radically different now is that she underwent an extensive refit since we saw her last. Yeah, itís the Star Trek: The Motion Picture excuse.

Anyways, Iím really heckiní proud of this page. Especially that first panel. I could never have managed such a close in short of the Earth with the old pre-rendered images I made of the planets for 1.0. I think this was the page that really sealed the deal for me on doing simpler space backgrounds.

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