April 13, 2019



Commentary for April 13, 2019:

Since I started Eon's World Vol. 2, the status of Eon's Comic, the sprite comic that preceded it, has been kind of unclear. I did start to upload it in its original form, unedited, and with some colourful commentary, and I was content to just leave it at that for a long time. I never did get all of the original 843 pages back up online, and I expect it's just the size of the job and the sheer dullness of doing it, especially when I have work to do on Vol. 2, as well as other commitments.

When I started Vol. 2, I changed a lot about the setting of Eon's World. I made Earth more like the real world by changing the world map and renaming almost all the countries. I knew this wouldn't jive with a lot of Eon's Comic, but I figured readers were smart enough to recognise a retcon. But early last year, when I decided to make an effort to get all of Eon's Comic back up online, I started making little changes to the text, replacing country names with ones from the revised map. I soon realised what a big job this was going to be, as well as seeing how poor my writing could be when I was younger, so I figured I might as well go all in and completely redo the script for every single page.

I knew the early stuff would need a lot of re-writing, but I figured over time that I'd want to revise less as my writing got better. I no longer believe it will be as simple as that and I expect it will be a years’ long project. Not only did I find that there was a lot early on that I wanted to change, I also decided to make a massive change to the presentation of the series, by making the panels bigger, splitting each original page of eighteen panels into three smaller pages of six panels, and re-doing the word balloons in the same format as Vol. 2. So, it is no longer a question of "remastering" Eon's Comic to create a definitive Eon's World Vol. 1; it is now a question of completely remaking the series. Eon's World Vol. 1 is to Eon's Comic as the 2004 version of Battlestar Galactica is to the 1978 version.

In the case of some pages, it may be mostly just a matter of changing the presentation to this new format, revising the script so it reads better, and fixing the lore and setting to be consistent with Vol. 2. But in the case of other pages, I've decided to do full on replacements for stories that really weren't that good. And most stories from the days of Eon's Comic, I expect, will fall somewhere between those extremes. I know I've only given myself a metric heck ton more work to do, but I hope and believe that the end product will be a much better version of the story I told all those years ago.

To kick off the remaster, here's a brand new prologue story set a century after the end of Eon's World Vol. 1 to act as an intro to the series, after which we'll begin the first season with an arc adapted from an unfininished Sonic fanfic I wrote when I was 15 and which formed the backstory to some of my OC's, but was never actually told in the comic itself. I've always felt that was a mistake, and now I'm going to fix that.

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