April 27, 2022



Commentary for April 27, 2022:

So, venture back with me for a moment to the distant past year of 2003. I was seventeen years old and having a lot of fun writing Eonís Comic. It was still early days back then and the stories would get pretty wild. Well, one of those stories involved Sonic going to the Little Planet and travelling to the future; when he returned, he came back with a couple of new characters, who were OCís belonging to friends from back then. Now, this story of Sonic travelling to the future was reimagined as Chapter 26, ĎFuture Tenseí, which went up in season 2 two years ago. But aside from going to the Little Planet and travelling into the future, almost everything else about that story was changed from the original. But the fallout of the original story was the addition of two new characters who did not belong in that time, and thatís why Katherine Elm first appeared, to prevent damage to the timeline by taking those characters back to the future they came from.

Kathy went on to become one of the most important recurring characters from the original Eonís Comic, so much so that there was never any question in my mind as to whether sheíd be considered canon to Eonís World, and she was the protagonist in Vol. 2ís Chapter 9, ĎFallen Angelí, which is, in my opinion, the absolute best chapter of Vol. 2 to date. So, obviously, I needed her to still appear in Vol. 1 when it reached the appropriate point in the timeline. And that is where we are now.

But what existing character from any of the established fictions Eonís World is based on could fill the role of a rogue time traveller instead of those forgotten OCís from Eonís Comic? Obviously, the answer was Silver the Hedgehog. He literally is a time traveller from the future. You could not find a more appropriate character to fill this role. But back when I wrote the original story in 2003, Silver didnít yet exist and by the time he did, like I said yesterday, I was trying to move Eonís Comic away from the Sonic stuff. The beauty of a complete remake like this is having the entire bounty of over thirty years of Sonic lore to mine for characters, places, and story ideas.

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