April 28, 2022



Commentary for April 28, 2022:

At the risk of making the subtext text, Iíd like to just briefly discuss CJís motivations here. Why is he defending Silver? He just met him, after all, and doesnít know who he is or what he intends to do. I didnít want to spell this out on the page itself, but in case it isnít obvious, CJ just got done with a meeting where a group of authority figures told him to stop helping people (at least, that was how he read it). Here he has encountered someone who needs help standing up to another authority figure. This is rebellion, an act of defiance, and the kind of thing CJ would do in this situation. Maybe heíd be a little more cautious if he hadnít just come from that meeting the guild masters, but he did, and heís angry.

Now, while it could have looked a little better, I am pleased with panel 4, showing Kathy breaking CJís sword. This is a moment from the original version of this story that I absolutely wanted to re-create. Indeed, in many ways, this story is very faithful to the original in all the places that matter.

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