January 9, 2019


Commentary for January 9, 2019:

Back so soon? Yes, I am going to try getting new pages up on a regular schedule again. Given the pace at which I was able to complete the last few pages of Chapter 8, I decided it was worth a try and, well, this page only took two days to complete. If I can maintain that sort of pace, I can get two pages online each week easily (although, I will need to take breaks between chapters).

Anyway, this page was pretty fun, from initial conception to the actual artwork. Itís actually a re-creation of a scene from the original Eon's Comic #766, a story that will eventually be retold in Eon's World Vol. 1. While some of the visuals have been slightly altered (mainly the cockpit layout on Kathyís ship), I tried to stay reasonably faithful to the original scene, right down the design of the ship and the colour of the lasers being fired at it. I have to say, there is something very satisfying about re-creating a scene originally rendered in sprites a little over nine years ago now with the techniques and skills Iíve developed for Vol. 2. But even more satisfying is finally getting round to following up on a story whose foundations I laid so long ago now.

Don't worry if you never read Eon's Comic (especially given that you canít now, because itís not online anymore and never will be again, although I am remakimg it as Eon's World Vol. 1). Although this chapter does basically follow up on some loose ends from the old days, like with the entire Mars and Echidna Empire story arcs from Chapters 1 through 7, I have written this chapter to be as accessible as possible to new readers. Reading Eon's Comic (or even Eon's World Vol. 1) shouldnít ever be necessary; but if you'd like to, once the remake is complete, it might help you better grok the setting and characters.

Anyway, enough of that. Iím really heckiní pleased with the visuals on this page. I was a little worried about the, frankly, bland design of Kathyís ship. Sadly, thatís a hazard I quickly discovered when trying to faithfully re-create ships only ever depicted previously as sprites. However, I think it didnít turn out too badly, and I feel the backgrounds compliment the ship well. Iím very pleased with how the galaxyís spiral arms turned out. I think the biggest challenge on this page was the hyperspace vortex in panel 5, but Iím quite pleased with the end result.

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