April 26, 2022



Commentary for April 26, 2022:

Oh yeah, itís your boy, Silver!

Like Blaze the Cat, I never included Silver the Hedgehog in the original Eonís Comic. Like Blaze, he appeared at a time when my interest in official Sonic media had reached its nadir and I was hard at work moving Eonís Comic away from the Sonic franchise. Sonic characters were still there, they just werenít prominent and I wasnít interested in adding new ones. Moreover, I knew almost nothing about Silver. It wasnít until three years after its release that I played Sonic í06 and then only for a single afternoon before I rage quit and then never played it again. Blaze had resonated with me more, as Iíd played and enjoyed both the Sonic Rush games (especially Sonic Rush Adventure), but even she would never set foot in the pages Eonís Comic.

But I digress.

I knew nothing about Silver, other than the fact that he was a very annoying boss fight in a fundamentally broken game. So it never even crossed my mind to feature him in Eonís Comic. It wasnít until I read through the entire Archie Sonic comic for the first time in 2014 that I actually learned anything about him and, much like that series did for me with Shadow, I came to actually kind of like Silver. Heís by no means my favourite Sonic character, but I like him. And I do have good reasons for including him in Eonís World now, but Iíll wait for tomorrowís commentary to elaborate on that...

For now Iíll just say that I was pretty nervous about making Silverís sprites, given that Iíve never even so much as drawn a doodle of him before, but I think he turned out all right, and he wasnít as tricky as I feared.

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