April 25, 2022



Commentary for April 25, 2022:

When originally writing CJ as a character in Eonís Comic, now so long ago, I got a few notes from his creator about his personality. Rebellious, defiant, doesnít much like authority, etc. He was a bit of a maverick and I did what I could to show that, but one of my biggest problems back then was a tendency to tell rather than show, which is not great storytelling. Remaking Eonís Comic as Eonís World Vol. 1 gives me a chance to do it better. So here we are, showing, not telling.

Now, since resuming work on the comic itself in late December, I had the troubling realisation that pages were taking longer to make than they should and I was barely managing to complete one a day, if that. Itís largely my own fault, I think; I insisted on replacing all the character sprites with bigger, higher resolution ones, so any time I didnít have a sprite ready to go, I had to make one, which isnít as quick and easy as before when they were smaller and less detailed. Also, it probably doesnít help that, on a whim, I started experimenting with more 3D elements in backgrounds. This page was the first Iíve made so far in what I would call a reasonable time. Ideally, Iíd like to be getting a minimum of two pages done most days, if I can, after all.

Anyway, here is the Mages Guild hall in Station Square. We saw a small bit of the inside back in Chapter 10, but we never saw an exterior shot of it. But Iíd always imagined it being a little way outside the city, though I donít think Iíd quite imagined it as a stone tower on top out a rocky outcrop overlooking the bay like this. As for the guild masters shown here, I am quite pleased with the mage robes I made for them; theyíre based fairly heavily on some of the mage robes worn by characters in Skyrim, because I wanted outfits that were distinct from any others Iíve shown people wearing so far. If and when we revisit the grandmasters of the Mages Guild at the central guild hall in Genova, who we met in Chapter 26, I may or may not update some of their outfits to something similar.

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