April 22, 2022



Commentary for April 22, 2022:

Itís the start of a new chapter!

And I guess at this point, you could be forgiven for wondering if Iím just going all in on using 3D models for the backgrounds now. The answer to that is a resounding ďnoĒ, but there are certain environments that I think 3D models are fairly conducive to, like the bridge of a ship. From fairly early on in Eonís Comic, I set a standard for ship bridges, which was echoed by the interior cockpit shots of the shuttles in Chapter 16 of Eon's World Vol. 1, which showed a side-on view. But by Chapter 22, when I had need of a bridge on a larger ship, I knew I didnít want to just repeat that, given how Iíve depicted ship bridges in Vol. 2. I created a decent enough bridge background, but it was still fairly limited, and I spent a lot of time thinking about whether or not a 3D model for a bridge or other parts of a ship could work in Vol. 1.

Looking at this page, I think it can. Not only can I substitute a 3D model for a pixel art background, I can even add a little depth to it. Of course, depth is the challenge here and Iíll need to work out how exactly to resize sprites that are further into the background to properly create the illusion of depth, but I think itís definitely doable. Anyway, these 3D backgrounds wonít necessarily be standard, but you probably will see more of them.

Now enough of that! Who are these people and what do they want? And who is the angel? Well that, dear reader, is what youíll need to read on to find out.

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