April 4, 2022



Commentary for April 4, 2022:

Yes, Eonís World Vol. 1 is finally back! I had originally planned to begin season 3 some time in 2021, but I didnít manage it. To make sure the year didnít go by with no new content at all, I did get Chapter 11 of Vol. 2 done, but that was a real slog and honestly prompted me to make some choices about the future of Eonís World. But Vol. 1 is back, baby, and hopefully better than ever!

You may have noticed something different about the character sprites on this new page, namely that theyíre higher resolution and more detailed than the ones Iíd used up to this point. Late in season 2ís run, I had the idea that, if Iím usually blowing each of the panels of the comic up to two hundred percent their native resolution, why not just make my sprites already that size? That way, I can make them much more detailed and higher quality. That became a real bee in my bonnet in the summer of 2020 and when I wrapped up season 2, I began working on this new generation of sprites in earnest. And thereís the rub, because making all new sprites for every single character is no small task. I quickly found myself bogged down in the work and my ambitions to launch season 3 a year ago got pushed back to the autumn and then ultimately to now. Eventually, I had to remind myself of something Iíve found to be true time and time again: No amount of prep is ever going to be enough. At some point, you just have to bite the bullet and begin. Yes, that means making sprites on the fly, but what else is new? As long as I have enough of a foundation to work from, I can do this, and that is why I have resumed now.

Now Iíll confess that I havenít given backgrounds the same treatment; many of them will still be blown up to two hundred percent, but maybe thatíll change too in time. Hell, already there are background elements on this first page that Iíve scaled up the resolution on, so thereís a good chance. But the character sprites were my number one priority. One thing I do mean to do with backgrounds beginning this season, however, is a bit more use of 3D models, and Iíve already done so on this first page with Castle Gemini as you may be able to see in panels 1 and 2.

Anyway, enough about art and design, letís talk story. In the original Eonís Comic, Eon just had a sword one day and where it came from was never really addressed. It even got destroyed and then replaced with no explanation, but I wanted there to be a reason for Eon having a sword; thatís why Antoine gave him one in Chapter 4, which he used from then until Chapter 29, when it was taken from him by the Echidna Empire. And now heís been given a sword as a gift from Ballista. I originally made this change in the Eonís Comic remaster I began in 2018, but it wasnít tied to any occasion. Since Eonís World Vol. 1 is a complete remake, I can do it better this time. Whatís the occasion? Well, dear reader, keep reading and find out.

Updates will be Monday through Friday for the time being and, as a heads up, there may be a mid-season hiatus this time for personal reasons, but we will see how things go.

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