April 5, 2022



Commentary for April 5, 2022:

Well, with Doctor Eggman and General Davis both in prison, was the first villain of the new season ever going to be anyone else? Yes, itís the Echidna Empire, back up to their old tricks again. And, really, for them itís only been a few weeks since we last saw them. As with every character, these are brand new custom sprites that Iím very proud of. One of the issues with a faction made up entirely of echidnas (for now at least) is the tendency for them too look too much alike, and with the older, less detailed sprites, it was a real challenge to give unique characters unique looks. With these bigger sprites, itís a lot easier and Iím quite proud of the little details Iíve been able to put in to them.

Anyways, if youíre familiar at all with the geography of Great Britain in the real world, you might have noted that the ďBlack Mountains of NorthumbriaĒ, as marked on the map, are in the location of the real world Lake District, a region of northern England dominated by lakes and mountains. Indeed, it is the location of Scafell Pike, Englandís highest mountain. Of course, Eonís World is set over fifty thousand years in the future when the nation of England has long since been forgotten and few of the old names for places have survived, even if the places themselves have. And the Black Mountains are an important location in Eonís World, which has survived from the old Eonís Comic. Iíll say no more now, but this chapter wonít be our only visit there.

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