Chapter 8, A Voice in the Dark - November 14, 2018


Commentary for November 14, 2018:

Can I take a moment to say how happy I am with the sparkly effect on Silkyís dress? It turned out really well. Again, just a simple effect, but properly applied, it looks great!

Anyways, how about these nobles? Eonís World 1.0 never really touched on the Britannic nobility, despite the number of parties held at Castle Gemini. I donít recall if I even really considered them all that much. But coming into 2.0, I wanted the question of succession to be raised. I even planned and began script-writing for a whole chapter where the issue was raised, but I abandoned that because I didnít think anyone but me would find it interesting to read -- the same reason 2.0 hasnít done story arcs following political campaigns the way 1.0 did. Instead, I folded the idea into Chapter 4 and reduced the entire discussion to a very brief exchange between Silky and Lord Matthews, who makes his first reappearance since then here.

But I hadnít abandoned the idea and this chapter, at the start of a new story arc was the opportune moment to bring it up again, but in a different context. Gossip. That, I felt, worked a lot better than a protracted argument between the Queen and a nobleman whose role in Britannic society was unclear.

You might think what Ullswater is saying to Silky, her Queen, is incredibly ballsy. But in 26th century Britannia, itís not at all. Britannia is a republic, and the reigning monarch is a public servant, not a ruler. People there are free to speak their minds on matters like this, even to the face of the Queen herself.

In addition to succession, of course, is the longstanding theme in Eonís World of interspecies relationships and the prejudice people have towards people in such relationships and their offspring. These nobles are using much more polite language to talk about Eon than people like Darth Wargaz, who screamed ďhalf-breedĒ at him at every opportunity, but there is still a deep well of prejudice behind their words.

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