August 26, 2017


Commentary for August 4, 2020:

I do like that Force lightning in panel 5. Itís not just the lightning itself, but the lighting and shadows in the panel, which really give it a sense of oomph that I never quite captured before or since. But I should pay attention to it in future when I need a character to throw lightning at someone, because it really looks pretty good here. Also, it was an artistic decision to make Kari-Yaís lightning purple, instead of the customary blue that Force lightning tends to be. There isnít anything special about her lightning; I just wanted to personalise it a little bit.

Fun fact, the three Imperial mooks on this page are all characters who appeared at the end of Chapter 6, because I wanted there to be a sense of continuity between the two chapters like that. But now it goes even deeper than that, as those two echidnas, much like Tyza-Za, have now also appeared in Eonís World Vol. 1 as early as Chapter 10 and have made appearances in several chapters since and will undoubtedly feature as background or minor supporting characters throughout Vol. 1ís entire run. Indeed, I dare say that fox with the platinum blond hair will also show up in Vol. 1 eventually, too, when the story gets to the point that the Echidna Empire starts recruiting people other than just echidnas to the cause.

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