August 26, 2017


Commentary for August 4, 2020:

Iíll level with you, often the picture I have in my head looks a lot better than the one I manage to put on the page. Honestly, Iíd say thatís usually the case, and I think maybe most artists feel that way. It doesnít make it any less frustrating, though. What I wanted to show here was the floor collapsing and the heroes climbing up from the tunnel below (which we saw the orcs marching out of on page 2) via the freshly fallen pile of rubble. I think I mostly succeeded, but it didnít live up to my imagination. The truth is, Iím not good at drawing artificial structures, which is why I used 3D models to allow me to kind of cheat for the longest time and not really have to draw them, per se, just draw the outlines and add in the occasional shading. But by the end of this chapter, I was starting to really feel the limitations of those models and by Chapter 9, I was using them purely as a guide and drawing everything myself. It takes longer, but it looks better. I think.

Also, I donít think itís terribly clear from the art, but those echidnas who fall into the hole? Theyíre all dead. Crushed under the rubble theyíve fallen into the tunnel below with. And that means Brabanzio, the captain of the Divine Crusader who recruited the Martian fugitives for this whole arc, a long-time Echidna Empire character, who was in the original Eonís Comic and the remake, Eonís World Vol. 1, did, in fact, just die. Very unceremoniously, too. Itís kind of like how Gothmog dies in The Return of the King (extended edition, mind you), although his death is a lot clearer than Brabanzioís.

Anyway, here begins the fight all of Eonís World Vol. 2 so far has been leading up to and, artist complaints aside, I am still very proud of how it turned out as youíll see over the next few pages.

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