August 26, 2017


Commentary for August 2, 2020:

In the original script, I wanted to do way too much with that first panel. I wanted to show the troops disembarking, Major Jackson reporting to General Severnaya, and the portal collapsing in the sky above the island. All in one square panel. In the end, something had to give and it was the portal visibly collapsing, because I just couldnít frame the shot properly to get everything else in and I figured it was good enough to just have Severnaya say it was happening. Good enough, but letís face it, not ideal. If I ever fully remade this chapter (spoilers: I wonít), Iíd make sure the collapsing portal was visible, because they do say ďshow, donít tellĒ, and itís always struck me as kind of cheap to just have a character say something like that is happening and not actually show it.

Anyway, time to address the elephant in the room. Panel 4 is the goriest thing Iíve ever drawn and probably ever will draw. Looking back, I think itís too gory and I wouldnít be this graphic if I remade this chapter (again, spoilers: I wonít). Occasional bleeding wounds and blood splatters are fine, but Severnaya is basically cutting that orc from shoulder to crotch, with blood just pouring out. Eonís World is not Game of Thrones; as much as I enjoyed Game of Thrones (and I did) I am not about graphic violence just for shock value. So, why did this page get so extreme? Well, I think it might be because I was fighting the worst depression Iíve ever experienced at the time and was oscillating back and forth between bitter sadness and unparalleled rage. And I guess I poured some of that rage into this artwork.

Donít get it twisted, I think the art in that fourth panel is very good. Some of my best work, even. Itís just a lot more grim than I would choose to draw today.

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