June 20, 2022



Commentary for June 20, 2022:

So, as far as Im concerned, Rouge the Bat is no hero; but shes not a villain either. Like I said before, I tend to think of her as chaotic neutral. Shes out for her own personal gain, but not at any cost, and forced to choose between letting the Chaos Emeralds get away and letting Sonic die, shell ultimately do the right thing.

Now, in the original version of this story, the G forces were just too much for Sonic and he lost his grip as the rocket took off. But I figured hes managed to cling onto spacecraft pretty well before (look at Sonic the Hedgehog 2... the game, not the film), so instead I came up with the idea of him holding onto a booster engine that gets jettisoned during the rockets ascent.

And once again, Rouge wasnt on the rocket in the original, but... well, well talk about that in the next commentary.

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