June 21, 2022



Commentary for June 21, 2022:

In the original, this is where Rouge reappeared, having parted ways with Sonic after they rescued Tails from the Imperial cruiser together. She showed up in her plane in the nick of time to save Sonic, just like before. A bit sus, really, but I never explored why she was there and, once again, I had her show no interest in getting the Chaos Emeralds, which is very out of character for Rouge. Of course she’d be after them, hence why I gave her a much bigger role in this remake, better explaining her presence both times Sonic needed rescuing.

Now, the Imperials getting off the train, having got it to stop just as it exits the tunnel, is very faithful to the original. Heck, even some of the dialogue is basically the same. However, in the original, Sora-Ya made a point of saying they’d get their hands on the Chaos Emeralds eventually, but in fact, the Echidna Empire never made another attempt on them after this. With the benefit of foreknowledge as to what’s coming in this series, I decided not to have Sora-Ya make that comment this time around. At this point, the Imps are trying to find anything that could be useful to them. They saw an opportunity to grab the Chaos Emeralds, but now they’re out of reach, so they’ll look for something else they can use. There are some things Sora-Ya is very precious about and will let go only reluctantly, but this wasn’t one of them.

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