June 17, 2022



Commentary for June 17, 2022:

So, not going to lie, but I was fairly anxious about this page and, having done it, I’m not even sure if I did a good job or not. But I will say that at least the rocket is pretty satisfying. I wanted something that looked vaguely egg shaped (the model I made is even titled ‘Egg Rocket’, because of course it is), hence why it is the shape it is. But aside from that, I did a little research into rockets and space shuttles to help with the design and how I would imagine the craft to function. No, I sincerely doubt this thing would be spaceworthy IRL, nor do I think it would even fly in Kerbal Space Program, but whatever. I think it looks good enough for my purposes and Doctor Eggman is just the kind of mad genius to make something like this work.

Now, in the original, only Sonic rode the rocket. Rouge didn’t actually come to the Pyramid Base, believe it or not. After rescuing Sonic earlier and helping him rescue Tails, they went their separate ways initially, but it seemed absurd to me that Rouge wouldn’t see this as an opportunity to get the Chaos Emeralds, which she absolutely would want. So for the retelling, Rouge is here for the whole ride, and that includes trying to get aboard this rocket. More about in the next page’s commentary.

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