June 3, 2022



Commentary for June 3, 2022:

So I repositioned the cockpit ever so slightly so Sonic and Rouge’s faces wouldn’t be partially obscured by the plane’s dashboard, but I wasn’t adventurous enough for any more dramatic shifts in camera angles here. I’ll also save talking about Rouge’s sprites until we can see them a bit more clearly.

Anyway, Rouge can be a bit too friendly with Sonic and co. in official fiction nowadays and it sometimes feels as if Sega has forgotten who and what she is. She’s not a hero; she’s a jewel thief who sometimes works as a spy for GUN, and neither of these scream “good guy” to me, so much as “deeply self-interested occasional ally of convenience”. Returning to one of my favourite ways of understanding a character, in terms of D&D alignment, I’d place her squarely under chaotic neutral. She’s not out to cause overt harm to others, but she isn’t really interested in helping anyone either, unless it benefits her.

And that is how I intend to portray Rouge going forwards, at least for now. Of course, I’m under no obligation to keep characters static here, so maybe she’ll change over time. Character development is absolutely on the table in Eon's World.

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