June 6, 2022



Commentary for June 6, 2022:

Back when I first created Sora-Ya, Farscape was on television and I was a huge fan of that series (hell, I still am), and I was particularly fond of the character Scorpius, one of the showís principle antagonists. One of the interesting quirks about Scorpius was that it was impossible to lie to him, as he could sense when people were being dishonest. I took that characteristic and gave it to Sora-Ya in the original Sonic fanfic I wrote back in 2001 (which eventually became the first four chapters of this very series), where she made her debut, and it carried over into Eonís Comic as well. But at some point, I allowed it to quietly fade out of the canon back then, because I grew to dislike the idea of being unable to ever lie to Sora-Ya. As a result, telepathic lie detection has never been part of Sora-Yaís character in Eonís World, in fact she has no special powers whatsoever; at best, sheís a badass normal.

And I think it was around the time of this scene in the original story that I began to dislike that special power. In the original, Sora-Ya wanted to know where the Chaos Emeralds were and Tails had to cleverly word her answer to mislead Sora-Ya without lying, a bit like beating D&Dís Zone of Truth spell. But if someoneís special power is sensing deception, wouldnít a truthful but misleading answer still trigger that sense? I think it would and I think I realised that even back in 2003, which is probably why I quietly swept that ability under the rug.

But I still wanted a scene with Sora-Ya questioning Tails, so here it is. Now, Iíve probably mentioned this before, but in Eonís Comic, I very much cast Sora-Ya as a religious zealot, who basically wanted to conquer the world and force everyone to live under her religion. She represented what I feared at the time, which was religious fundamentalism coming into power and oppressing those who did not conform to its ideology. And you know what? I donít think I did a bad job of writing Sora-Ya as that back then and I had a hell of a lot of fun doing it. But it made her incredibly one dimensional, which is why for Eonís World, Iíve dramatically toned down the religious angle of the Echidna Empire to the point that itís almost purely a background element, and instead brought the idea of freeing Mobians from human tyranny to the fore. And so, in situations like this, Sora-Ya will make this kind of sales pitch, an attempt to recruit a potential ally to her cause, or at the very least plant the seeds of doubt in their mind. Now, the question you may well ask here is whether or not Sora-Ya is sincere. Tails obviously doesnít think so. But whateverís going on in Sora-Yaís mind, I think I will keep there; itís sometimes more interesting if you donít know these things, after all.

Anyway, Iím really rather pleased with the 3D model of the brig I threw together for this page. You canít see it here, but itís a hexagonal room with five cells arranged around a guard post in the centre, a little bit like a panopticon. Itís a shame that Iíve only just started mixing sprites and 3D models to this degree, honestly, because there are several previous chapters where a setup like this would have been ideal. Ah well, itís an investment for future stories, where this will also be useful.

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