June 7, 2022



Commentary for June 7, 2022:

I don’t have much to say about this page, to be honest. I guess I’ll just mention that Sora-Ya is absolutely right about torture, however; it is an ineffective means of interrogation. If you torture someone, they’re more likely to tell you what they think you want to hear, which is not necessarily going to be true, accurate, or any use to you. What is depressing is that we seem to be forced to make purely utilitarian arguments like this to make the case that people shouldn’t be tortured; somehow the idea of treating prisoners humanely isn’t enough on its own. Then again, as the Bush years proved, advocates of torture will argue passionately for its effectiveness in spite of all evidence to the contrary, so can you even win talking to those people? Not really. Fortunately for Tails, Sora-Ya isn’t one of those people and, even if she were, I’d like to think she’d draw the line at torturing a child. Not that torturing an adult is any better.

I’m dedicating this page to Rexy Que, beloved friend, taken from us too soon. I miss you already, Rexy.

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