May 26, 2022



Commentary for May 26, 2022:

It’s the ship the Echidna Empire stole back in Chapter 35 and Horatio is still very much in love it, as you can see. What can I say? My man likes his technology.

Oof, though, this page took some doing. First there was the clouds. I thought I had the right clouds already, but I didn’t, so I had to make them. Fine, I told myself, the rest of the page will be simple enough, though. Wrong! I couldn’t just re-use the ship interiors I’d previously made for Chapter 29; not now that I’d already used 3D modelling to make the bridge of this ship in Chapter 35. No, the genie was already out of the bottle and I have well and truly crossed the Rubicon there. Sprite backgrounds for ship interiors like this will never be good enough for me again now that I know I can do them this way instead. So that took a little bit more time. Admittedly, though, I did procrastinate a bit and did some writing for an unrelated side project between starting this page and finishing it; so I expect that, had I just worked flat out on it instead, it probably wouldn’t have taken more than a day or two at most.

But yeah, the Imperials have a Vigilante class cruiser now; they’ve painted it in their colours and renamed the Revenant. Now I believe I mentioned previously that in the classic Eon’s Comic, the Imperials started using a cruiser around this time, but there was never an explanation for where it came from. So I revised this for the attempted 2018 remaster and had them steal it from GUN’s depot, in much the same way as they did in Chapter 35 of this series. And in that remaster, I gave the ship the name “Revenat Angel”. I had planned to use that name again here, but in the end I decided just “Revenant” sounded cool enough on its own.

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