May 27, 2022



Commentary for May 27, 2022:

It might be premature to say this, but I feel as if this page might be a sign of me getting my groove back, considering it was a lot of work, but I nevertheless got it done in one sitting. And for the most part, Iím pretty satisfied with it.

It might surprise you to learn that until the day I made this page, I hadnít added any actual details to the consoles on this particular bridge model. They were just bare surfaces with nothing on them because, because it hadnít originally occurred to me that I would ever show the bridge from different angles; I just assumed Iíd be showing the bridge face on forever, just like any time we saw the bridge of a ship in the previous season. Really, though, I should have known better; if Iím going to use 3D models, Iím going to show things from different angles. So I had to add the actual controls to the consoles on the bridge. Itís lucky I already made consoles for ships in Vol. 2 years ago that I could go back to reuse here, or this page probably wouldíve taken a lot longer to do.

Anyway, now I know how to do it and how to properly put sprites into them, thereís no question in my mind anymore as to whether or not Iíll be using 3D environments for Vol. 1 going forward. I absolutely will. Not for everything, of course, but for things like this, certainly.

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